It’s not just for selfies…

By now, most of us have seen Apple’s new iPhone 6 camera campaign. The campaign showcases beautiful photographs and videos all shot on an iPhone 6. And, most of us have probably thought, “No way could I ever do that with a phone.”

But I have seen the light.

Recently, my Texas Tech Public Relations Content and Development class was privy to a guest lecture by Tonja Hagy. Tonja is currently the marketing manager for the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. Her lecture was unlike any I had heard before.

The topic? iPhone Photo 101.

Yes, we had a guest lecturer instruct us on how to better utilize our iPhones to take quality photographs to develop online content.

And while Tonja did not deliver a single piece of information that could be considered a dud, I am going to share My Top Five Takeaways from Tonja Hagy’s iPhone Photo 101

1. Shoot from a low angle.

  • Shooting a photo from a lower angle will bring the foreground closer and make the photo more dynamic. It will also make the lens of an iPhone’s camera seem much wider than it is.

2. Use negative space as an element.

  • This doesn’t mean blank space (cue Taylor Swift), but instead utilizing unfilled space to frame the subject.

3. Include shadows in the photo’s scene.

  • Fight the natural inclination to eliminate shadows because they can lend to the story without focusing on the subject.

4. Shoot from the level of your subject.

  • Avoid shooting from above or below, but rather at eye level of the subject. This gives the subject dominance and gives the viewer a taste of the wonder of the subject’s world.

And last, but certainly the most important…

5. Keep it simple.

  • The simpler the photo, the stronger the message.

These rules do not strictly apply to those with iPhones, but rather to anyone with a camera phone and no idea where to begin to take a decent picture.

Next time you’re about to snap a photo with that texting machine in your hands, take a few seconds and reconsider how you’re capturing the moment. Like me, you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.

Here are some photos I am particularly impressed with myself for taking. All of them were taken on my iPhone 6. Do you have any pictures from your mobile phone that you’re proud of?







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