So long, farewell…


Looking back at the semester.

Where did I go wrong? Where did I go right?

2015’s fall semester is in the books. I made it. I’ve just one more undergraduate semester left here at Texas Tech, and I’m excited. But I’m trying not to focus too much on the end. Now is a time for reflection on this past semester.

Also it is a time for me to sleep.

My blog activity this semester has been entirely for my Online and Digital PR class. The class required weekly blogs on a specified topic that, in some way, pertained to that week’s lecture topic. Initially, this was daunting and unexciting. But it turned out to be fun and I’m proud of the blogs I’ve posted.

For the final blog assignment, I’ve been instructed to reflect on my online reputation. So, let’s jump right in to a Q&A session on the subject.

Unlike Sway, I got the answers.

Q. Reflecting on the assignment to identify a firm, key influencers, a job and skills needed to be a successful candidate, do you feel more or less prepared to succeed after taking this class?
A. A bit of background: an assignment early in the semester prompted me to look into job listings that fit my career interests. I then wrote a brief on the job’s requirements and how I could work to meet those requirements.

I would say I feel more prepared to succeed after taking this class. However, I should note the job I chose at the beginning of the semester no longer appeals to me. Interning at a massive public relations firm now sounds more laborious than it does exciting. I probably feel more successful because this semester, and the classes and opportunities I’ve faced within it, has helped me to focus in on what truly interests me in life beyond graduation.

Q. Discuss how your blog and the information you are sharing with others through social media is enhancing your online reputation – both personally and professionally.
A. While the initially daunting notion of weekly blog assignments have turned out to be a blast, I recognize the purpose my professor had in assigning them in the first place. This blog, and the topics discussed on it, is a solid baseline for me to prove myself as a credible voice in public relations. I’ve written blogs discussing, investigating, and offering solutions for happenings in the public relations world. Also, there’s a fair amount of discussion on important digital tools public relations professionals should know about. If I can get the right people to look at my blog, it will show them I’m tuned into the industry and intent on listening, as well as learning.

Q. Discuss the characteristics that have helped build your online reputation (ex. personality characteristics, information sharing behavior, engaging consistently and professionally with followers and others through social media, etc).
A. My ultimate goal is for my online reputation to reflect someone who values truth and authenticity – both professionally and personally. I also hope I make people laugh. That’s important to me. Thus far, I think these are two characteristics I’ve really been successful in developing in my blog and across my social media.

However, I need to engage with more professionals online. I need to cultivate online relationships with the right influencers. I’ve got good stuff, but the important people aren’t seeing it yet.

Q. Which Hootsuite report did you choose to run? Discuss results.
What’s Hootsuite? You can learn more about it there.

I rain a “Twitter Engagement – Detailed” report on my Twitter. You know, the Twitter account that used to be Frick Yeah (May she rest in peace). The report covers my Twitter activity from November 18, 2015 to December 2, 2015. Looking at it, I smile, because I love my friends and the copious amounts of love they give to me via my Twitter mentions. Also, I should note that my Twitter activity consistently peaks on Fridays. We could discuss the nuances of that for hours.

However, I recognize that I’ve hit a plateau in my follower growth. I also see my mentions are filled with friends and not professional contacts. Like I said before, I have to get the important people to see me.

Q. What were your perceptions before and after this assignment in regards to online reputation management (AKA Digital Footprint)?

I can’t say my perceptions on online reputation management have changed over the course of me writing this assignment. But my perception of online reputation management is VASTLY different than it was at the start of this semester. I used to think a strong online reputation meant not cursing. Now, I (thankfully) have learned it is so much more than that.
For me, managing my online reputation starts with me deciding how I want to be thought of, and eventually remembered, and working to make sure my posts and interactions reflect that.

So, there you have it. My final blog assignment of the semester. But I’m not going anywhere. I still have plans to continue blogging and throwing in my two cents. Now that I no longer have weekly prompts, any topic is up for grabs…

But, for now, goodnight. For a week.